Yucca Bind

100% Natural Controller of Obnoxious Gas and Oxygen Improver

Dosage and Application

Extensive culture 250 Gms / Hectare

Semi-intensive culture 500 Gms / Hectare

Intensive culture 1000 Gms / Hectare

Yucca Bind is natural product contains the extract of Yucca plant with a unique ability to reduces toxic gases levels and it is an ideal product to deal with emergency situation. It accelerates the biological activity causing an increasing in the microbial
degradation of the solid waste.

Yucca Bind – Glyco components, Saponin steroid, Suitable Microbes and stabilizers which act as a oxygen releaser and as a toxic gases controller.

1.B. Nitrobacter Converts HNO2 into HNO3. (Nitrite into notrate)

2.B. Nitrosomonas Solubilize Phosphorous, Converts NH3 into HNO2

3.Enzymes like protease, Urease, nitrate reductase, present in YUCC Bind degrade all the waste materials in the water and at the pond bottom.

4.Saponins from Yucca Shiddeghere and Trigonella foenum graecum help in binding these gases.

It mixed with Pro-Zeo and Broadcast Directly over the Pond.

Presentation: 500Gms