Natural Spirulina & Suitable Microbes
Sprirulina is a Nature Gift

Spirulina is a Micro Algae (Blue, Green algae) with 70% digestible protein which provides resistance and growth with all the major vitamins like b-1, b-6, b-12, e, a and minerals Zinc, Manganese and Copper which also have 22 amino acids which are identified by the American research organization and International Health Research Organisations. “SPIRO-D” is a product with added suitable micro organisms.


♦ It restores the nutritional balance and keep the body away from disease.

♦ Provides body resistance and growth.

♦ Improves metabolic processes and cell respiration

♦ Stimulates enzymes and help in proper growth.

♦ Ensure better FCR and ger an early crop.

♦ Spirulina stops loose shell problems.

♦ Spirulina stops white gut problems

♦ Spirulina gives 22 types of amino acids

♦ Trace minerals with probiotics

♦ Spirulina give 70% Digestive protein.

500 gms or 1000 gms.
Dosage :
5-10 Gms /Kg of Feed