Potassium Chloride


Potassium Chloride


Assay complexometric min 97%
Maximum Limit of Impurities
Bromide &iodide : 0.01%
Sulpahate(SO4) : 0.02%
Iron(Fe) : 0.001%
Heavy Metals(as Pb) : 0.0005%
Sodium(Na) : 0.5%
Loss on Drying: 1.0 %


IMPORTANT NOTICE Handling Storage&Safety Instructions:

Keep in tightly closed container and store in cool dry ventilated area separate from imcompiatable products.protect against physical damage&moisture.Observe all hazard and safety precautions listed in our product catalogue.

Disposal Considerations:

Water cannot saved for recovery or recycling should ba managed in an pproriate&approved waste disposal facility.Disposal of container and unused contents in accordance with international ,national ,state and local recquirements.No liability accepted for accidents in handling or use.

Net Content :50 kg
Batch no :JLM 011GNS
Mfg Date :July2017
Maximum Retail Price:11000/-
Date Of Expiry:3 years from mfg.
Packed for the use of pharma,pesticide&allied industries&industrial,edicational Quality control.

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Certified Company