Oxy Rellax


Highly oxygen releaser in Tablets form

Oxygen excerts considerable effect on the survival growth and production of aquatic animals, directly on feed intake and metabolism occurs indirectlyon environmental conditions.
The most common situation in situations in th DO depletion occurs are:

1. Sudden climatic fluctations .
2. High densities and high pollution in the pond.
3. Shrimp spends most of the time at the pond bottom.

That's why as such any low levels of DO can cause stunted growth, higher susceptibility to diseases, malnutrition and even immediate mortality.


Sodiumperborate, Calciumperoxide, Coatedesodium, Percarbonate, Potassium Mono Persulfate Triple Salt, ETDA, other suitable stabilizers and suitable microbes.


Low Oxygen level: 1Kg. / acre, Normal condition: use 500 gms / acre


1Kg. & 5 Kgs.


  • 1. Increases dissolved oxyge levels quickly and long time Releaser.

  • 2. To condition the Quality of water.

  • 3. To eliminate Corbon Dioxide Hydogen sulphide and Ammonica.

  • 4. Esxtreme climates like low, high temperature and clouds.

  • 5. High density stocking ponds releases highly DO levels.

  • 6. Helps as an aerator back-up.

  • 7. Helps to control Zoothamnium sp, at moulting time.