Natural Zeolite with Probiotics


Works as water purifier by adsorbing suspended solids and toxic gases from water.
Due to high ECE, gives better results in lesser quantity
Cleans the bottom of the pond by absorbing bacteria, waste & dirty material.
Dissolves more oxygen in pond bottom and facilitate better growth & reproduction of plankton.


50-100 ml/Kg of geed.

Presentation : 25 Kgs Packing

Pro-Zeo for highest C.E.C. & Probiotics in powder form for use in Aquaculture pond. Pro-Zeo is a concentrated form of Granules or Powder with Probiotics fortified with major compound such as


Black Tiger Prawn Culture pond minimum 10 Kgs per Acre.
Vannamei Shrimp Culture pond 10-15 Kgs.
Fish Culture Pond 10 Kgs.