Water + Soil Probiotic


Blinds Heavy Metals

Blinds Toxins

Control Vibrio

Works efficiently in wide range of (4-9.8) and Salinity (0-45)

Prevents Gill Rot, Tall Rot, Antenna Rot and Loose Sheel

Provides Ambient Atmosphere to the Inhabitant

Pro-Life Improves the useful Blooms

Pro-Life Waste Material Converted into useful Nutrient


1.Black Tiger Prawn & Vannamei Shrimp Culture Ponds using 1000 Gms / Hectare

2. Fish Culture Ponds 1000 Gms / 2 Hectare

Rapid changes in the water quality parameters due to un0utilized feed, Excessive Feed, Faecal Matter, Molted Exo-Shelton and dead algae general soil ph, Pond bottom pollution. Presence of heavy metals in the soil presence of pathofens, presence of obnoxious gases like H2s Ammonia nitrate will attack the survival and growth of aquatic animals. In such condition there is a need for such a product like “Pro-life” is to be present at the bottom and augment the process of bio-degradation, so that the pollution load will be reduced.

Composition :

B. Nitrobecter, B. Nitrosomonas, B. Polymixa, B. Subtillis, Acetobecter, Bifidobacterium, Longum, Baclius Subtilus,
Lactobacillus Acidofillus and Enzymes etc.

PROBIOTIC CONTENT : Sx10 9 CFU/Gram of Micro Organism
Presentation : 1 Kg.