Ultimate Prawn food

More Protein + High Immunity


→Survival growth

→ High Immunity and good health

→ Prevents loose shell and improves growth

→ Reduces white gut

→ Reduces stress

→ Support weight gain

→ Helps complete digestion

→ Reduces the feed cost

→ Reduces the bottom pollution

Dosage :

Normal condition -5 Gms / Kg of Feed

Strees Condition – 10 Gms / Kg of Feed

Presentation : 500 Gms.

Out break of disease is the major ecomic losses to the aquaculture field there comes “Immuno-D” as a boon to the farmers. “Immuno-D” has been scientifically formulated to improve the physiology and immune defence of shrimp. It helps to stabilize the integrity of cell membrane. The main components of “Immuno-D” are B1, 3/1,6 glucans enzymes and natural extracts. Microbes potentiated combination in a large way to eradicate all the invading pathogens like viruses, Bacteria, Parasites and fungi.

Composition :

1,3/1, 6 Beta-Glucans, Enzymes, Microbes, Ammino Acids, Vitamins, SPirulina, Minerals and Antioxidants.