Why Choose Us

About Nico

Nico Technology is among the top innovative companies in Animal Health & Nutrition. We develop and market probiotics and yeast-based products that work to promote the wellbeing of animals. Widely recognized by the performance of its products, Nico designs, develops and markets a range of products all derived from fermentation processes. These natural yeast-based additives contribute to the animal’s health, helping you to get the most from feed and promoting optimal performance.

Our culture is driven by relentless pursuit of the highest standards of integrity, accountability, and professionalism. Excellence, quality, innovation and customer satisfaction is the benchmark by which our success is measured.

We understand the importance of performance as in many cases it could mean the difference between profit and loss to our customers. Refusing to deliver an average quality product, we specialize in a complete high-end quality feed additives that guarantee the best protection of your investment, leading to a maximum profitability.


At Nico our mission is to improve animal health and performance by understanding our customers needs and expectations that results in developing and offering products and services that not only add value financially to the producer but also respects the environment and the equilibrium of ecosystems, at the same time answering consumers growing demand for safe and natural food ingredients.

Our products do this by revealing and optimizing the existing potential of animals in terms of health and performance in a cost effective manner.

NICO-BIO is an ISO 9001 – 2008 Certified company and hence follows stringent quality measures, adhering to every aspect of the ISO Certification requirements.

Nico's Quality

Nico guarantees the highest possible standards of product quality. Products are manufactured according to GMP / HACCP and strict feed safety standards. Nico believes in complete transparency throughout its manufacturing procedures from the ingredients used to the processing of those ingredients at Nico’s facilities. Product quality is also monitored in cooperation with customers through proactive and interactive systems.

Health and Nutrition

Feed ingredients must be combined in the proportions necessary to provide the animal with the right amount of nutrients at each stage of growth. This requires a deep understanding of raw materials, nutritional requirements and animal digestive physiology. Nico has acquired its expertise in the area of animal nutrition through years of research, as well as projects conducted in universities and institutes.

Nico goes a step further by also providing (where necessary) customized products adapted to meet local conditions. This includes formulating different compositions to be compatible with local ingredients in order to ensure the optimal balance between nutritional value and cost efficiency.