About Us

NICO BIO Health Care (India) Pvt. Ltd, over the last one decade, built a reputation for itself in providing world-class products customized to the needs of the aquaculture, poultry, veterinary segments.
NICO BIO is an ISO-9001-2015 Certified company and hence follows stringent quality measures, adhering to every aspect of the ISO Certification requirements.
Undeterred by the constant changes in the environment in terms of economic policies, changing face of the competition, and more importantly, the needs of the end users, NICO BIO has been continuously striving to uphold the three parameters of quality, cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness.
Our team and our products are known for our strikingly uncompromising dedication and commitment add ssing the needs of all the stakeholders by ensuring the highest levels qua and professionalism in everything we do and deliver to stockist and dealers.